Fertile days and infertile days - how to recognize them.

If you want to be an active, independent woman, being aware of your femininity and independent, you should learn how to recognize cyclic changes of your fertility. This is simply easy through natural methods of family planning (NFP). Do you wonder which days  in your menstrual cycle are the most fertile nd how to recognize them? You don’t learn this from any fertility calculator or cycle calendar. Do you know how hormonal changes in the particular phases of your menstrual cycle affect your physical, intellectual and emotional condition? Do you know how to effectively avoid pregnancy without hormonal or mechanical interference in your body?

If you want to gain confidence, peace of mind and be aware of your own fertility, you should know:

How to determine the fertile days and infertile days if you are beggining to observe your cycles?

How to use simplified rules for experienced woman?

How to start observations after quitting contraceptives?

Why can the natural methods be an alternative to contraception?

What is the effectiveness of NFP methods, and what is the effectiveness of contraceptives?

And also:

What changes occur in your body during the menstrual cycle?

How can you observe and interpret the signs of fertility using fertility Cycle Card?

What are the specific rules for determining the fertile days and infertile days?

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