Learn how you can accurately determine the moment of returning your fertility after childbirth.

As a young mum, you surely wonder how is your fertility after a childbirth and when it may return in the postnatal period. Does the recent experience of giving birth and new challenges connected with having a baby make you afraid of being pregnant again? Do you think that fertility would return in an uncontrolled way and unexpected moment, and it discourages you from intercourse or  makes you get contraceptives? Do you wonder when your fertility may return naturally during the lactation period?

To regain awarness of your body, calm and confidence of your fertility, you need to know:

When will your fertility return after childbirth?

How to observe and identify the fertility symptoms in the postnatal period?

And also:

How can you observe and interpret your fertility in your menstrual cycle?

How does the fertility of woman and man develop?

What physiological changes accompanying the particular phases of the menstrual cycle?

Can the NFP methods be an effective alternative to contraceptives?

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