How to naturally and effectively plan the best time to conceive a child.

You want to plan your family size and to prepare for healthy conception. Do you know that you can learn how to recognize the fertile days and the natural infertile periods in each of your menstrual cycle? Do you know that using this knowledge you and your partner will be able to plan the best time for having a baby? Do you know that using the methods of natural family planning (NFP) you can effectively, in harmony with nature and completely safe for your body, postpone pregnancy until the optimum time for your health?

In order to avoid being surprised by unexpected pregnancy, you should know:

How to recognize the most appropriate moment to conceive a child?

What are the specific rules for determining the fertile days and infertile days?

And also:

How does the new life begin?

How does the fertility of woman and man develop?

What physiological changes accompanying the particular phases of the menstrual cycle?

What are the general rules for the observation of women’s fertility symptoms in the menstrual cycle?

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