Irregular menstrual cycles

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At the beginning it is necessary to clarify what are the irregular menstrual cycles. Today, many women say that their menstrual periods occur irregular, but this not exactly correct and certainly is not an obstacle to the effective use of natural methods of fertility recognition.

Well, irregular cycles are those periods, where the difference in length varies more than 10 days, it is often 30 or even 60 days. While most of women observe only minimum difference in length of individual cycles, usually 2-3 days.

Please also note that the irregular cycles occurring to young girls are normal, resulting form the individual character of endocrine and still developing relation between hypothalamic-pituitary-ovaries. Remember that your own fertility rhythm can be formed up to 25 years of age. Using hormonal birth control pills to “adjust” and regulate your irregular menstrual cycles does not make sense and is counterproductive, because after stopping tablets with artificial hormones, the disturbance will not disappear, but may even be worse.

What is the cause of irregular menstrual cycles?

Underlying cause of the irregular cycles are primarily problems with incorrect functioning endocrine, but also very stressful lifestyle, sleep deficiency, as well as various types of diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or thyroid disease.

How to use natural methods of fertility recognition in irregular menstrual cycles?

In fact irregular menstrual cycles may sometimes cause some difficulties in determining infertility in a pre-ovulatory phase.

The first phase of the fertility cycle, called the follicular phase (pre-ovulatory phase or estrogen phase), covers the time from menstruation bleeding to ovulation and is very sensitive to any disrupters. So it can easily lead to distortion of the process of growing and maturation of ovarian follicles and thus to delay the ovulation for several days.

In the irregular menstrual cycles, the pre-ovulatory phase is usually very long, have alternating days with the presence of mucus and dry days, and sometimes even intermenstrual bleeding, which also should be treated as a potentially fertile day. So it is a long wait for ovulation and the rise of a temperature associated with it.

Great help in these situations is self palpation of the cervix, which is an additional  and complementary part of natural fertility recognition methods. The cervix should be palpated every evening – when it is hard and closed for three consecutive days, then in the evening on the third day, we can assume the relative infertility (PI=0,9). Please remember to continue the observations in order to not to overlook any softening and dilating of the cervix, that suggest a possible return of fertile days.

Post-ovulatory phase of absolute infertility (PI=0,0) can be determined in a base on the basic “rule of three days”.

Read more: “The detailed rules for determining the fertile days and infertile periods”.

How you can regulate your irregular menstrual cycles:

  • Fill magnesium deficiency, which reduces the amount and frequency of mucus, and also reduces too long menstrual bleeding and menstrual pain associated with uterine contractility. It helps in neutralizing the negative effects of stress on your body.
  • With irregular cycles you can use at least 3 months treatment based on herbal extract of asian pepper (agnus castus).
  • Follow a balanced diet with limited sugar and wheat flour.
  • Adjust the length of sleep and the conditions in which you sleep. Permanent effect of light on the pineal gland can interfere with the process of growing and maturation of ovarian follicles and prolong pre-ovulatory phase. Generally your bedroom should be strongly darkened. You can also use the adjustment of light: when the mucus appear put some light from the outside for about 5 days, and after that again close the curtain firmly.
  • Check the level of hormones such as: PRL, TSH, LH and FSH and androgens.
  • Irregular cycles can be treated under medical supervision with the natural progesterone therapy.
  • Conduct a thorough observations of the fertility symptoms in your menstrual cycles, it is useful for initial diagnosis of disorders.


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