Understanding the causes of fertility problems offers hope for effective treatment and conception of the desired child.

Couples who unsuccessfully try for a baby experience tremendous frustration trying to find out the causes of problems with conceiving a child. They expect to identify abnormalities and receive treatment for their disease. Modern medicine “treatment” does not always allow to determine and explain what underlies infertility and offers in vitro fertilization or insemination as the only form of  “therapy”. Do you know that underlying causes of most fertility problems are treatable disease states or unhygienic style of life? Do you know that the daily observations of the woman’s menstrual cycle provide very valuable information of woman’s health and fertility as well as about any abnormalities or disease states? Do you know that there are natural assisted reproductive technologies, infertility treatments and technologies identifying health problems and supporting the natural mechanisms of fertility?

If you have been trying to conceive a child for a long time and you have started thinking about your problems with fertility, you need to know:

What could have caused problems with getting pregnant and how can it be identified?

How does NaProTechnology help couples who unsuccessfully try for a baby?

What are the standard medical tests performed in the pregnancy planning, diagnosis of problems with fertility and infertility treatment?

What are the differences in treatment between NaProTechnology and In Vitro fertilization?

And also:

How does the ferility of woman and man develop?

What hormonal changes accompanying the particular phases of the menstrual cycle?

How to figure out the best time to conceive a child?

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