First menstrual periods - Learn how to recognize your fertility and your personal rhythm of the menstrual cycle.

You start to mature and your first menstrual periods appear. Do you know what is really happening in your body and how it affects your mood? Do you know that the variable length of your menstrual cycles may develop up to 25 years and during this time irregular periods are normal? Do you know that you can observe the course of your menstrual cycle and measure it based on natural indications of fertility, so you will be able to accurately determine the fertile and inferile days? 

As you are becoming a woman, you need to know:

How do the first menstrual periods in the adolescent girl’s life change and develop?

How can you observe and interpret the fertility symptoms of your menstrual cycle?

And also:

What changes occur in your body during your menstrual cycle?

How does the fertility of woman and man develop?

What are the specific rules for determining the fertile and infertile days?

Why natural methods of family planning can be an alternative to contraception?

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